Eruption 1041972

Geyser:Giant Hot Period
Standardized Duration:10m
Time Entered:2018-06-20 16:15:24
Time Updated:2018-07-01 16:42:32
Time Uploaded:2019-05-13 21:37:12
Observer:Tom Carberry
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Comments:Description based on Tom C's radio call and my video. Bijou off, water rising in Mastiff, SW Vents on full and Mastiff near overflow before Feather started at 1404. Mastiff overflowed quickly, Feather Satellite and Rust on. 2 minutes into Feather, Mastiff was overflowing heavily and Cave was erupting 2-3 feet. After 3-4 foot surging in Mastiff it surged the height of the cone about 4 minutes in. Bijou came on just after the big surging, then Mastiff dropped and Feather and Cave got weaker about 5.5 minutes into Feather. Cave then stopped but water immediately came up in Giant, Feather got stronger again along with Feather Satellite, Rust and SW Vents continued, and Posthole and Posthole Satellite started. Giant surging progressed over the next 2 minutes from low vertical surges to halfway up to several splashes over the the top of the cone. 8 minutes into Feather, Bijou was in steam and Giant began to have thick, cone filling surges with increasing runoff off the platform. Feather and SW Vents became weaker but Giant took over, with a series massive surges to twice cone height over about 45 seconds until the sign washed and the eruption started at 1414.

This is a really excellent report of the buildup of a hot period to an eruption. One suggestion: once it has been established that a hot period has indeed ended in an eruption, it might be nice to flag that hot period (routinely, not just this one), so that a later search can easily find the "successful" hot periods.
Entrant: BillJ
Time Entered:2018-06-27 14:12:01
Time Uploaded:2018-06-27 14:12:01
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