Eruption 1044396

Duration:72 min
Standardized Duration:1h 12m
Time Entered:2018-07-05 20:14:33
Time Updated:2018-08-03 00:56:15
Time Uploaded:2019-05-13 21:48:51
Observer:many gazers
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Comments:South Function eruption. Events started 5 min after the end of a slightly longer duration Grotto eruption that was the first in several that did not have a rocket major. Bijou paused at 1400. within less than a minute there was water rising in Mastiff to a bath tub level. SW vents began sputtering and then erupting in earnest within 2.5 min of the Bijou pause. Feather began pooling and overflowing by 3 minutes in but took almost 2 more minutes before actually erupting and beginning the hot period. Cave began bubbling as Feather took off at 14:05:19 . Mastiff continued to rise and then overflow at 39 secs into the hot period. 14:06:20 At 1 minute into the hot period Feather satellite and Cave began to erupt. Mastiff surged to 1 ft. 14:06:50 Rust on, Cave to 2-3 ft. Mastiff began surging to 3-4 ft. This activity continued with the same intensity for the next 1.5 min. 14:08:43 By 3m 26 sec into the HP India was completely underwater. 14:09:50-Emerald began bubbling (3m 58 secs into the HP). 14:09:50- At 4m 33 secs Mastiff dropped out of sight and Bijou turned back on. Total time off for Bijou was 9m 5 sec. 14:10:20 Rust off, Slit, Post Hole and Post Hole Satellite on. 14:10:40 Cave off 14:11:13 First strong vertical surge 1/2 way up Giant's cone 14:12:01 Strong vertical surges over the top of Giant's cone nearly all platform vents were active at this point except Turtle which never even overflowed. 14:12:20- Depth charging from Mastiff. no water visible 14:12:33 sustained cone filling surging in Giant which continued and gained in strength until 14:13:49 GIANT eruption, 8 min 22 secs into HP, 13 min 4 secs after the Bijou pause End of water at 15:25 Grotto started at 15:03 during the eruption

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