Eruption 1065663

Time:1215 A
Time Entered:2018-12-17 14:48:38
Time Updated:2018-12-18 22:09:49
Time Uploaded:2022-01-27 14:12:05
Observer:Tantalus Creek discharge graph
Comments:Major eruption in the early afternoon of 17 December 2018. Will modify posting if/when more info. is available. Anomalous discharge spike at Tantalus Creek consistent with a Steamboat eruption. Spike appears at about 1330 on chart (is this government equipment off by an hour?). Maybe 1 to 1.5 hour lag between eruption and discharge spike (?). Inferring eruption at about 1200 to 1230. Update at Old Faithful web camera chat page: "Robert Cash just confirmed a steam phase returning from Canyon this afternoon." Update at Geyser Gazers facebook page: "Xanterra tour guide - saw water phase i.e. 1415." Update: reported stream gauge lags range from 45 to 95 minutes, so Steamboat's eruption may have been anywhere between about 1155 to 1245. See attachment.

Thanks to Bill (NPS employee), we now have access to Steamboat loggers' files. Visualised the 'Steamboat South Channel Tree Logger' data and read out 1159:49 (also thanks for confirmation, EricZ) as start time. See the attachment on E time.
Entrant: JarnoO
Time Entered:2018-12-22 06:19:48
Time Updated:2018-12-22 06:20:42
Time Uploaded:2018-12-22 06:20:41
Time Entered:2018-12-17 17:08:46
Time Uploaded:2018-12-17 17:08:46
No flags for this eruption. Creek discharge graph showing spike from Steamboat Geyser's major eruption in the early afternoon of 17 December 2018.
Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2018-12-17 17:28:44
Time Uploaded:2018-12-17 17:28:44
Submitted Creek - Discharge, cubic feet per second
Entrant: Art
Time Entered:2018-12-17 17:31:28
Time Uploaded:2018-12-17 17:31:28