Eruption 1079707

Time:1820 ie
Standardized Duration:>16m
Time Entered:2019-05-22 20:20:57
Time Updated:2019-06-18 16:26:31
Time Uploaded:2019-06-18 16:26:31
Entrant:Ben VL
Observer:Ben VL, Isaac F
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for iOS
Comments:Dual with Fountain. Tallest bursts measured were over 90' (76' for Fountain). Originally posted as NS but revised to IE upon further consideration of the view along the walk, and walk time from the parking lot. Had been waiting for fountain with Isaac, and decided to head to the car for a moment to grab my TSB to look up something about fountain (it got wet at Steamboat and I left it in the car to dry). We left after the 8 hour mark had hit for Fountain. Water in Morning was high, and a few feet down in Fountain - could barely see water from up close. Of course, the dual started while we were gone. I did not see any steam over the hill on the way back, but I did not note whether there was a gap in the steam between Clep and the trees looking from the lot. Crested the hill by the paint pots to find the steam cloud, which extended into the Morning area. I didn't know whether it was Morning or the Thief until I saw a burst out of Morning. The wind was coming from E/NE so the visibility was great from the stairs. Both geysers could easily be seen without the height getting chopped off much. Beautiful medium to dark storm clouds served as a backdrop to the eruption. Morning threw a couple rocks. Had some nice blue bubbles and some loud pops. The taller bursts reached over 90' (measured). Fountain had some good blue bubbles and some large waves, as well as a couple boardwalk-wetting bursts. It had some taller bursts as well. The tallest one I measured was 76'. Due to the cold temperature and my lack of experience with the FTN group, I did not log much outside of the dual. Several Twig's and Jet's. At least one Peanot. And a handful of Super Frying Pan's with the first at 1848. Clep went into steam at some point during all this, sounded like a supersonic jet flying overhead, but quieter. The steam phase ended a little before Fountain quit. I might add more after I start doing more research on the FTN group. Will attach video of Morning once Isaac uploads it.

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Time Entered:2019-05-22 22:05:18
Time Uploaded:2019-05-22 22:05:19
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