Eruption 1205930

Time Entered:2020-07-26 18:24:36
Time Updated:2020-07-27 20:00:27
Time Uploaded:2020-07-27 20:00:36
Observer:Craig and I
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Comments:Witnessed from Lower Ham parking lot. Based on appearance of start, duration and steam phase I believe this was an initial on a very short interval.

There may have been an earlier event, this is roughly twice the interval from prior at 15:13, so may not have been an initial
Entrant: Jeff in CT
Time Entered:2020-07-26 19:41:36
Time Uploaded:2020-07-26 19:41:36
I witnessed the previous eruption, and believe this was likely a short initial. I sat at Lion for the "missing" interval, I got 3-4 attempts with no start and then proceeded to sit at Beehive for 40 minutes where I saw a few Little Cub eruptions and nothing more than a splash out of Lion. I did briefly lose sight of Lion from the previous eruption when walking the boardwalk but saw nothing indicating that any activity happened during the 4 minutes it was out of sight.
Entrant: Yates
Time Entered:2020-07-26 23:59:26
Time Updated:2020-07-27 00:01:03
Time Uploaded:2020-07-27 00:01:04
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