Eruption 1396052

Time:0555 E (?)
Geyser:Beehive's Indicator
Time Entered:2022-12-21 08:45:31
Time Updated:2022-12-21 18:42:35
Time Uploaded:2022-12-21 18:42:35
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Comments:EDIT@1840: I am increasingly in agreement this was a false indicator. switching it to indictator instead of Beehive. original post: Spike similar in magnitude to other recent beehive eruptions at this time. Spike was abnormally long lasting though, which makes this questionable to me. Could be something else pinging the logger. EDIT@1045: Chatting with folks, I agree this seems odd. Snowmelt isn't a convincing argument against an eruption at this time to me. In the basin my snowshoe trails were being refilled with snow within 30 minutes, so significant melting out could have been buried by drifting snow very quickly. That said I agree Bee doesn't look post eruptive, despite a fairly convincing spike on the graph. I'm going to leave this as Questionable for the time being.

I think it wasn't a Beehive eruption, as it's steaming as I write this (it doesn't do this for several hours following an eruption - I think 5-ish?). I cannot, however, go off the amount of snowmelt since it started snowing following this event.
Entrant: JarnoO
Time Entered:2022-12-21 08:55:55
Time Uploaded:2022-12-21 08:55:55
The simplest thing I could think of that would last a long time is a false indicator, or maybe something from bsb if it gets picked up. Giantess and Plume seem like the most likely features to also hit the logger but neither seems very likely here. Overnight cam footage shows it is very unlikely BH erupted around this time.
Entrant: Ben VL
Time Entered:2022-12-21 12:18:24
Time Updated:2022-12-21 15:26:16
Time Uploaded:2022-12-21 15:26:16
I agree with the change and with the ideas. Impossible to know for sure, could've been a strong bubbler series, but these don't always produce this kind of signal. Interesting.
Entrant: K.Cooper
Time Entered:2022-12-21 19:00:04
Time Uploaded:2022-12-21 19:00:04
Time Entered:2022-12-21 18:58:56
Time Uploaded:2022-12-21 18:58:56
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