Eruption 1412083

Time:1027 A
Standardized Duration:24m
Time Entered:2023-06-05 14:19:50
Time Uploaded:2023-06-05 14:19:50
Observer:Per Ranger report
Comments:I arrived shortly after end of eruption. Fountain was down below the rim of visibility, but gradually refilled over the next half hour to about 3 feet below rim. Clepsydra was completely off and drained at arrival, but had intermittent bursts from central front vent beginning at 1112, with the rear vent gradually joining in within a few minutes. The play was chaotic and complex. This persisted to 1128 when I left, albeit growing stronger and with fewer pauses. Spasm started at 1058 12 inches below overflow with gentle bubbling from two points near the center rear of the crater. Gradually filled to 4 inches below overflow by 1128. Ranger reported 5 foot bursts from Spasm during Fountain. Jelly peogressed from 4 inches below overflow to modest overflow by 1105. Morning pool was visible at about 2 feet below the rim at 1058, but pool had dropped to invisibility by 1107. Jet played at 1120 after beginning interior rumbling by 1104.

This sounds like the activity following a Fountain eruption that was an aborted stall, where Fountain erupts during a long series of Clepsydra pauses. Very similar to what I saw yesterday.
Entrant: Graham
Time Entered:2023-06-05 15:22:25
Time Uploaded:2023-06-05 15:22:46
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