Eruption 1434754

Time:2107 ie
Geyser:Event Non-Geyser Related
Time Entered:2023-09-18 22:02:06
Time Updated:2023-09-18 23:10:13
Time Uploaded:2023-09-18 23:10:15
Entrant:Ben VL
Observer:Ben VL, Dan, Brian, Graham, Micah, and sounds like some of the rangers too!
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for iOS
Comments:Aurora Borealis visible on the horizon. Strongest in the first several minutes after I noticed. Numerous tall streaks but no waves on the top that I could see. Could see waving curtains for a little bit. Gradually diminished after that. ~ 2158 Extremely bright and saturated green (green LED green) meteor seen near the horizon.

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