Eruption 586758

Standardized Duration:33m
Time Entered:2013-06-05 19:49:35
Time Updated:2013-06-06 15:32:07
Time Uploaded:2019-05-13 21:38:49
Observer:Many, many gazers
Comments:Dual with Fountain; Fountain started first; Hopefully I don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t forget anyone who was there: Bill and John Warnock, Ralph Friz, Emily Bailey, Maureen and Clare Edgerton, Tom Carberry, Byron Taylor, Steve Robinson, Lynn Stephens, Ron and Stephen Gemar, Will Boekel, Barry Leedy, Sonya, Keith, and Alexander Kanet, Janet White, Jim Scheir, Dave Leeking, Bill and Carol Beverly, Mike Carlson.

d=33m and Morning started 29 seconds after Fountain
Entrant: WillBoekel
Time Entered:2013-06-05 20:26:59
Time Uploaded:2013-06-05 20:26:59
Dot and JIm, rangers from OF, also present, and Woody, Xanterra guide that saw the last dual with me! Amazing blue bubbles and huge bursts!!
Entrant: Maureen
Time Entered:2013-06-05 19:28:33
Time Uploaded:2013-06-05 19:28:33
Prior to the eruptions, Morning was full, lots of upwelling and convection currents for an almost painful length of time. It almost seemed to cycle, but I don't think any of us took times of when we thought it would surely erupt. No water seen in Fountain until a few minutes (maybe 5?) before it erupted. Our emotions fell, but then through the steam we could see Morning was still on a hair trigger when it suddenly gave us a boil where we knew it would be a dual.
Entrant: Janet Jones
Time Entered:2013-06-07 14:15:26
Time Uploaded:2013-06-07 14:15:26
Morning done at 1817. Fountain continued for another 60 minutes after this.
Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2014-09-09 20:33:49
Time Uploaded:2014-09-09 20:33:49
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