Eruption 613045

Time:1906 ns
Geyser:Fan and Mortar
Time Entered:2013-08-15 20:07:05
Time Uploaded:2013-08-15 20:07:05
Observer:VR confirmed by Karen Web

Initial activity and ie ns info provided by an employee from the OF Lodge gift shop. He was sitting at Riverside when he heard a roar from F&M which he believed to be Mortar. He believes the eruption was Mortar-induced but that Fan joined in quite quickly ("within 30"). Water from lower bridge all across walk to about 3/4 of the way to MG and not quite 1/2 way up path to latrine. Pause at 1922 for approx 2' with complete shut-off of Mortar and succeeding resumption of typical restart surging from Fan, so total duration of >/= 29'. To my knowledge, the actual cycle leading to the eruption went unobserved. Prior activity from our two afternoons of watching from roughly 1400-1800 8/14 and 8/15: Webb family observed cycles that were coordinated but with no true events like pauses. No splashing from Main or Upper Mortar. Possible signs of progression toward eruption did include (last cycle observed by Webbs and Warnocks began at 1654, Angle on 1718, vents going largely to steam by 1730) did have very high water observable in Gold (pooling and drooling) through turn-on of Angle; also water was visible from Bottom Vent while we observed, although no true eruption developed. Something to consider: the Norris Pool displayed much more intricate wave interference today over yesterday with bubbles/convection from multiple foci.
Entrant: minissa
Time Entered:2013-12-03 11:27:08
Time Uploaded:2013-12-03 11:27:08
Time Entered:2013-08-15 21:43:50
Time Uploaded:2013-08-15 21:43:50
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