Eruption 704912

Geyser:Fan and Mortar Event Cycle
Time Entered:2014-08-24 09:34:39
Time Updated:2014-08-24 11:17:11
Time Uploaded:2014-08-24 11:17:14
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Comments:Arrived 0730, River on 0737 no Gold or Angle, River off 0752, River on 0757, Gold 0804, Gold 2 &3 0806, Angle 0809, 0817 High intermittant to 4ft with Gold & Angle pulsing to 2 ft, 0818 High to 6-8 ft & Gold & Angle less than 1 ft, 0824 heavy steam from Upper & Lower Motar, last few seconds of 0825 surge to 10-15 ft from Upper Motar, about 3-5 seconds later in 0826 Fan vents joined in. There was never any water showing in Main until full erurption initiated by Upper Motar. See eruption entry for futher details.

First radio call from F&M at 0821 was "High is at 8ft, gold is at 3ft and angle is at 1ft and holding" A drop in the water levels was never called and by Bob's description would have been a lock initiated/ upper mortar start eruption.
Entrant: WillBoekel
Time Entered:2014-08-25 01:11:06
Time Uploaded:2014-08-25 01:11:06
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