Eruption 706352

Geyser:Pink Cone
Standardized Duration:1h 43m
Time Entered:2014-08-28 16:05:13
Time Updated:2015-10-11 01:03:57
Time Uploaded:2019-05-13 21:47:12
Observer:James St. John
Comments:Subterranean gurgling and sounds of splashing noticed in the 4.5 hours before its 1201 eruption. Pink Cone eruption from 1201 to 1344. Roadside Bubblers started at 1258 - 3 vents (2 in ditch gravel and 1 in post-roadcut finely pustulose geyserite/sinter cover). First steam-rich pulse at 1247. Pulsing with water to steam-rich to water to steam-rich at 1257. First slightly forced, billowing steam-only pulse at 1312. First almost passive steam-only pulse at 1322. Eruption done at 1344 with first sustained passive steam emission. Slightly forced puffs of steam at 1345 and 1346. Roadside Bubblers still active after eruption cessation of Pink Cone Geyser (e.g., 1346 and 1357). Roadside Bubblers vent in post-roadcut geyserite done by at least 1401, with occasional steam puff and occasional intermittent spits.

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