Eruption 708928

Standardized Duration:21m
Time Entered:2014-09-06 20:47:06
Time Updated:2015-08-31 10:42:57
Time Uploaded:2019-05-13 21:46:06
Observer:James St. John
Comments:Eruption from 1556 to 1617.  Pre-eruption activity at 1532 to 1535, consisting of intermittent burbling spits and small splashes.  Eruption commenced with intermittent splashing, followed by sustained splashing.  Some water from Outpost Geyser's eruption splashed through an undercut geyserite ledge on its SSW side. A fair amount of that splashed water drained into Sentry Geyser's vent. Outpost's eruption runoff filled a new-since-2013 pool on its immediate NNE side (here called "Fort Pool").  Overflow from Fort Pool drained into & filled the depression of an unnamed geyser 10.6 meters NNE of Outpost Geyser (not Yellow Bubbler Geyser).  Overflow from that unnamed geyser drained to the northwest, toward Green Bubbler Geyser.  Whether the runoff reached Green Bubbler could not be ascertained by viewing from the boardwalk bench area near East Mustard Spring.  By the way - Fort Pool has a small roil/boiling spot when filled with Outpost eruption runoff.  After the cessation of Outpost Geyser's eruption, Fort Pool drained somewhat slowly.  Sentry Geyser was not visibly active during Outpost's eruption.

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All 12 clips of this video compilation depict this Outpost eruption, plus Fort Pool's roiling activity once it was water-filled.
Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2015-11-10 00:56:34
Time Uploaded:2015-11-10 00:56:34