Eruption 855455

Geyser:Fan and Mortar
Duration:35 minutes
Standardized Duration:35m
Time Entered:2016-08-03 16:03:03
Time Updated:2016-08-03 21:54:57
Time Uploaded:2019-05-13 21:43:55
Observer:Many gazers and visitors
Comments:River on 1458 main vent splashing and River off at 1505 and first River pause. Main vent continues to splash until River comes on at 1516. Pause duration=11 minutes. Main vent continues to splash. River off 1527 for second River pause. River on 1529 and no more splashes seen out of main. Pause duration=2 minutes. Gold on at 1538. Angle on at 1544 with initially ok water levels. Water levels drop then they began to come back and get decent to very good. First surge in upper mortar. Water levels dropped. Water levels slowly came back. More surging in upper mortar and water levels drop a ton. Eventually water levels come back very strong. Lock in fan for 30 seconds then UM surges to 15 feet. Water appeared in lower mortar then Fan and Mortar 1600. Lock initiated. UM start. Duration 35 minutes. Will update later if necessary.

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Time Entered:2016-08-03 16:40:27
Time Uploaded:2016-08-03 16:40:27
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Time Entered:2016-08-03 17:57:05
Time Uploaded:2016-08-03 17:57:12
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Video of Fan & Mortar Geysers' 4:00 PM-onward eruption on 3 August 2016.
Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2016-10-26 23:33:25
Time Uploaded:2016-10-26 23:33:25