Eruption 92470

Time:0000 (?)
Time Entered:2012-12-26 21:17:54
Time Updated:2013-01-15 21:19:36
Time Uploaded:2013-01-15 21:19:36
Observer:YTG Facebook page
Comments:Quote from YTG Facebook page: We are convinced Morning had another eruption last night the rocks are rearranged again behind Morning and the runoff channel is melted again well into the flats in two locations straight down the backside and over towards Sub geyser and well into the flats in that direction. There is a large area melted beyond Sub and it reminded me of the flooding after the Fountain-Morning Dual last fall. Can Bill or Maureen let me know how much water ran along the boardwalk below Jelly after the dual? There was not much melt this direction. Since we were there yesterday the 5 inches of snow on the rocks beyond Morning was melted however they did have a fresh dusting. The area around Fountain did not have the fresh dusting indicating that Morning went followed by Fountain likely hours later. Nonetheless all of our guides agreed that Morning has melted a lot of snow since yesterday.

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