Eruption 934259

Geyser:Fan and Mortar Event Cycle
Time Entered:2017-08-07 17:42:29
Time Updated:2017-08-07 17:43:15
Time Uploaded:2017-08-07 17:43:10
Observer:c.barwin & t. cross & j. butter
Comments:1230 River Vent on. 1238 RV off to start 1st pause. 1237 first Main Vent splash. 1250 RV on. 1257 RV off to start 2nd pause. 1301 a couple of healthy splashes were seen in Upper Mortar through its 'split seam'. 1305 RV on. 1309 RV off to start 3rd pause. 1317 = last splash in MV. 1326 RV on. 1338 Gold Vent on. 1342 Angle Vent on. RV was off at 1320 to end the event cycle. High and Gold water levels were poor before Angle. After Angle, water levels were still poor and begrudgingly upgraded to variable. There was no point where water levels were sustained to even give hope toward an eruption. This cycle did see a full Bottom Vent eruption with significant run off to the river - it filled up the run off channel over to where UM has visible erosion activity. Lower Mortar 'fuzz balls' were reaching to the top of its back wall.

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