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24577 30 Oct 2022 @ 1645 --- ypcaribou New boardwalk gives a slightly elevated view. Spring is bubbly and a seafoam green. Pools around it are a murky yellow green.
24400 15 Oct 2022 @ 1000 --- MAB clear with blips - Pixie near BW still hotter than the 3 connected pools but not visibly pushing
24248 05 Oct 2022 @ 1219 --- cb HUGE KUDOS to Norris maintenance for replacing much of the boardwalk from Tantalus to Dishwater Spring. AWESOME JOB! Dishwater spring is clear, overflowing with a mildly roiling boil over much of the center. pools at the base are also seafoam green
23959 20 Sep 2022 @ 1618 --- ypcaribou Clear, sapphire blue. Bubbling in 2 spots with an occasional small splash. Surrounding pools are cloudy acid green to clear to tan on far right.
23497 31 Aug 2022 @ 1101 --- cb In copious overflow filling the pools at its base. It's clear with 2 very playful vents! (that means mild roiling boil to an inch or so.)
23328 21 Aug 2022 @ 1106 --- ypcaribou Pools below are opaque, emerald green. Yellow lining pools at edges. Dishwater is a bit clearer and a bit bluer. Bubbling in far left pool at edge closest to Dishwater, which is also bubbling.
22981 02 Aug 2022 @ 1015 --- cb Higher pool level. Increased bubbling, & a bit more overflow into the pools below it. The small pool closest to the bw the broke out last year has some small strings/groups of bubbles occationally breaking the surface on the edge closest to the bw
22906 27 Jul 2022 @ 1617 --- MAB light center boil w no waters flowing off the upper platform to the lower level - Pixie the vent from last year by the interconnected pools that pushed out hot water for several weeks has water but no increased activity
22316 04 Jul 2022 @ 1433 --- cb clear, low level boil, overflowing, pools at the base are reduced in size. (drying up)
21009 18 Apr 2022 @ 1720 --- MAB grey and flowing - hot vent Pixie from last summer still much hotter than the adjoining pools but not visibly pushing out water in any obvious way
20148 27 Oct 2021 @ 1256 --- cb calm & not in overflow. runoff channel has snow on it! Surrounding pools at its base to the west are calm & clear. pools to its east are murky green. New breakout in front of the boardwalk is calm and clear
20056 19 Oct 2021 @ 1442 --- cb pool high, clear, overflowing with 4 blooping bubblers near the center of the pool.
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