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16465 28 Oct 2020 @ 1140 --- Janet Jones The side vent looks dry - no steam from it. The back bubbler was audibly bubbling.
16100 13 Sep 2020 @ 1143 --- Graham No water visible, just gurgling. Cone all dry even around side vent.
14038 17 Dec 2019 @ 1525 17 Dec 2019 @ 1536 Micah Kipple On frequent intervals, water fills the side vent (north side) of Fishing Cone and at the highest point, roils or bursts several inches to a foot. Technically this probably fulfills the general definition of being a geyser.
3353 23 Jul 2016 @ 0933 --- bhoppe No water visible in the cone or in the side vent. Side vent was lightly steaming this morning.
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