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24405 15 Oct 2022 @ 0945 --- MAB connected pools 1 2 and 3 all with boils - boil in cave reaching up to 10in with mostly clear water
18326 09 Jul 2021 @ 1318 --- MAB steady clear boil in 3 places - next Gray Lake is blue with 1 boil spot and barely connected - noted that the hotter westerly one is only leaking into the pool adjacent to Green Dragon and is not flowing down towards Porkchop and the logger tho it does have a channel that meets with the other one - looks like it did overflow down that channel earlier this season
17725 12 Jun 2021 @ 1610 --- MAB Fairly calm one good boil in cave - clear - barely connnected to Gray Lakes- the 1st Gray Lake immediately west is hot blue and boiling
16824 24 Jan 2021 @ 1414 --- markwolf possible increased runoff flow from here and gray lakes into Tantalus
15696 23 Aug 2020 @ 0710 --- ypcaribou Clear, greenish blue
12890 31 Jul 2019 @ 0903 --- cb pool is light brown in color. In the cave there is a very vigorous roiling boil to 8". 3 pools within the main pool have fairly vigorous boiling also. runoff at the bridge is clear.
12842 28 Jul 2019 @ 0716 --- ypcaribou Clear & green
11855 17 Jun 2019 @ 0853 --- udo Clear and quiet
11001 19 Apr 2019 @ 0001 --- ypcaribou Water is muddy per facebook comment. Time unknown.
9845 22 Aug 2018 @ 1739 --- WillBoekel GDS has clear water running in its channels and the brown that had coated the channels from the disturbance is turning white and green.
19288 15 Jul 2018 @ 1825 --- research-mab 7-15-2018 CB GREEN DRAGON 1825 See Note under Steamboat Vixen platform & runoff channel is wet, water pooled in its tube but I did not see an eruption in the 15 minutes I observed. Pearl still has a yellow hue. Porkchop water is back up to the rim of the pool. Green dragon runoff is again clear however the runoff channels are coated in brown. Yellow funnel has no visible water but I can hear deep grumbling with splashing down deep. Echinus water level is good with nice runoff and a weak 2 vent boil. (hum!) Crater Spring water is LOW and murky brown/gray. Emerald Spring is the same, clear, green with weak convection waves.
19274 27 Jun 2018 @ 1800 --- research-mab 6-27-2018 GREEN DRAGON – 1800 CB see Note under Steamboat Vixen is back to more regular play. The steam vent by Vixen is quieter. Pearl has bubbles breaking the surface. Pork chop is down about 4" from the rim. Green dragon is putting out chocolate brown runoff. Yellow funnel is way low, muddy brown and turbulent. Blue mud steam vents water/mud is not visable. Crater Spring water level is low as is Echinus. Echinus run off channel is dry in many areas. This back basin is much the same as last night except for Vixen. sorry for the long note! Forgot about Emerald. . . cuz it is the same! Boiling in the East thumb, green and fairly clear.
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