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3y 312d 4h 33m ago

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Interval Count39
Min2h 54m
Max3y 25d 15h 56m
Mean37d 22h 6m
Median1d 5h 7m

Latest Notes

Note IDStart Time (US/Mountain)End Time (US/Mountain)EntrantNote
14833 30 Jun 2020 @ 1300 30 Jun 2020 @ 1710 steve Then I arrived the whole basin of Warerfall geyser was wet with the exception of the rocks in the runoff channel to Thumb Geyser. As I watched I noticed the water was rising about 3-4 cm per hour. I kept watching it until a few minutes before 1700 when I made a quick run to the parking lot. At that time the water was still a couple of centimeters below overflow. After returning from the parking lot at 1710 the pool had dropped to about the level I originally saw it at. However the run off channel to Thumb Geyer was still dry. So something happened, I just don’t know what. While I was there UNNG-WTL-4 “Dancing Geyser” filled just before I noticed it at 1440 with two bubbling vents to 1 inch or so, then it drained prior to 1454. Besides that I never saw water in it for the observation period. UNNG-WTL-5 was very active. I was not sure if it was having short intervals of less than a minute or if it was perpetual but only occasionally above ground where I could see it. See also Ben Hoppe’s report from the 29th
14783 29 Jun 2020 @ 1349 --- bhoppe Water color is a milky white. Multiple feet below overflow, but the rim around it looked somewhat washed as if the water level had been higher somewhat recently. Thumb Geyser had a milky-blue color to it and was multiple feet below.
13341 21 Aug 2019 @ 1125 --- Janet Jones “Waterfall Geyser” has good water, bubbles and is starting to lose chunks if the microbe mat.
13081 06 Aug 2019 @ 1130 --- Janet Jones Hoping this number is for “Waterfall Geyser” - It’s bubbling along with Thumb Geyser and many others in the Thumb/Waterfall area. Water level is still well below “full” for this thermal feature, but it’s visible from the boardwalk. Crater is lined with brown microbes, but looks lighter in color than on my last visit a couple or three weeks ago. There’s also a small geyser between Thumb Geyser and Three Lobed Spring that’s been active often in the past that’s more energetically active than I’ve seen in a few years - splashes reach about a foot above ground at times.
7432 26 Sep 2017 @ 1140 --- Janet Jones Empty crater. Water level in Thumb Geyser and UTF Next to Thumb Geyser lower than the orange bacteria lining crater - foam in Thumb Geyser on the side nearest to "Waterfall Geyser."
5383 25 Aug 2017 @ 2000 --- Tara Water level down into the funnel and very quiet. Bubbler in side still active. Water level in Thumb is way up, about 3 inches below WTL-3's rim.
4775 02 Aug 2017 @ 1341 02 Aug 2017 @ 1518 JSJ No Waterfall Geyser eruptions. Pool's water level was fairly low. Couldn't see up-close due to boardwalk closure & construction.
4538 25 Jul 2017 @ 1833 --- JSJ "Waterfall Geyser" (= "North of Thumb Geyser"). Pool's water level fairly low.
4341 20 Jun 2017 @ 1000 20 Jun 2017 @ 1225 Tara Calm pool with occasional lazy bubbles, pool level rose slightly during this time to about the level of the bubbler within the basin.
4308 13 Jun 2017 @ 1325 --- Janet Jones Water levels were higher in "Waterfall Geyser" - enough to cover the first pool behind it (toward the parking lot) and water levels down in Thumb Geyser and the UTF next to Thumb Geyser. Waited until 1400 in the snow and wind until I gave it up for another day.
4202 04 Jun 2017 @ 1014 --- Janet Jones Muddy and little bubbling seen in it or Thumb Geyser. Guessing it erupted overnight.
4147 28 May 2017 @ 1503 --- Janet Jones Steadier boiling in "Waterfall" than this morning. Also more boiling now in Thumb Geyser and the UTF next to it.
4142 28 May 2017 @ 0944 --- Janet Jones Blue with some bubbles rising - water level down a foot or so in Thumb Geyser.
3744 04 Oct 2016 @ 0920 --- bhoppe Based on melted snow in the runoff area, I would guess an eruption occurred sometime overnight or this morning before I arrived at the basin.
3710 24 Sep 2016 @ 0942 --- bhoppe Runoff channel quite wet. Hard to tell if water came from the sky or from the ground.
3542 25 Aug 2016 @ 0928 --- Janet Jones N.O.T. Empty but gurgling heard at depth.
25 Aug 2016 @ 1000 JSJ Photo of Waterfall Geyser's late morning eruption on 25 August 2016.
05 Nov 2016 @ 1330 JSJ Photo of Waterfall Geyser's early afternoon eruption on 5 November 2016.
05 Jun 2017 @ 1731 JSJ Video compilation (23 minutes long) of Waterfall Geyser's 5:31 to 6:10 PM eruption on 5 June 2017, plus pre- & post-eruption clips.
23 May 2017 @ 1040 BillJ Roughly mid-eruption (and between bursts), as seen from the upper boardwalk. The burst right before this was MUCH larger than in any other images I've seen, and loud enough to hear from the boardwalk.
05 Jun 2017 @ 1731 JSJ Photo (out of 21) of Waterfall Geyser's 5:31 to 6:10 PM eruption on 5 June 2017.
25 Aug 2016 @ 1000 JSJ Video by Janet White of Waterfall Geyser's late morning eruption on 25 August 2016.
05 Nov 2016 @ 1330 JSJ Video by Janet White of Waterfall Geyser's early afternoon eruption on 5 November 2016.
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