Note 10032

Geyser:Black Hole
Date/Time From:2018-09-04 @ 0851
Date/Time To:2018-09-04 @ 0946
Entrant:Micah Kipple
Observer:Micah and Clark.
Time Entered:2018-09-04 09:57:06
Time Updated:2018-09-04 23:07:51
Time Uploaded:2018-09-04 23:07:52
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Eruptive series of Black Hole Geyser. Intervals were short in the middle (10-30 seconds) and long (1-5m) at the beginning and end. The height increased until it peaked about a third of the way through reaching 8-9 feet and then weakened near the end. Durations were consistently 8-12s. Full data set will be posted later.

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