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Date/Time From:2018-10-31 @ 0828
Date/Time To:2018-10-31 @ 1400
Entrant:Tom C.
Time Entered:2018-10-31 17:02:40
Time Uploaded:2018-10-31 17:02:40
Note:Fickle B. went while I was en route. Saw the column from Gibbon meadows @ 828. Screw it - I'm counting it as water. (Also saw some spikes from Elk Park, the parking rink, and Emerald.) So 12 this year: 1 steam, 1 water/steam, 10 water, 8 from start. No runoff seen anywhere other than E. and W. main channels. Still in steam at 1400. No weirdness up to that time. So much ice on the car cover that I've got it thawing in the tub. The larger (6-12') trees N. of SB were so ice laden when I left, they were bent over 90 degrees.

Were there any restarts?
Entrant: udo
Time Entered:2018-11-01 09:06:22
Time Uploaded:2018-11-01 09:06:26
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