Note 10740

Date/Time From:2018-11-16 @ 1500
Date/Time To:2018-11-16 @ 1600
Observer:YVO Echinus Logger
Time Entered:2018-11-17 06:14:51
Time Updated:2018-11-17 06:17:33
Time Uploaded:2018-11-17 06:17:35
Note:Three spikes (roughly at 30-minute intervals) occurred during approximately this time. Spike 1: ~46°C, spike 2: ~51°C, spike 3: ~48°C. All were followed by a drop to about 23°C. I may also note that in the few hours before the spikes, it seemed the temperature was at a rather stable ~36°C and increased slightly before the first spike.

Scott posted a picture of the gauge in the Geyser Gazers Facebook page
Entrant: TheHikingDude
Time Entered:2018-11-21 11:59:05
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No flags for this note. as seen on YVO's Echinus loggerEntrant: JarnoO
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