Note 10773

Date/Time:2018-12-20 @ 1400
Observer:YVO Echinus Logger
Time Entered:2018-12-21 05:51:42
Time Uploaded:2018-12-21 05:51:42
Note:Over the past few weeks it seems that Echinus was spiking regularly (once per ~5-6 days?) up to ~45°C+ multiple times (most recent one on Dec. 16 around noon reached ~55°C). I may also note that around the 13th of December, the temperature dropped, what seems to be quite drastically, actually, to below 0°C (per Nuphar Lake Logger, this was ambient temperature initially at ~-20°C, then increased on Echinus Logger to just below 0°C, after which it decreased to ~-20°C again). Seems to have held for a few hours, after which the temperature went back to normal (between 20 and 40°C)

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