Note 10789

Geyser:Giant Hot Period
Date/Time From:2018-12-25 @ 1118
Date/Time To:2018-12-25 @ 1138
Entrant:Janet Jones
Time Entered:2018-12-25 13:59:25
Time Updated:2018-12-25 14:00:48
Time Uploaded:2018-12-25 14:00:50
Note:Arrived to find Bijou off. Not much to report from this - no hot period happened. Catfish gave a couple of splashes, steam in sw vents, Turtle and Feather but the only water seen was bubbling in Emerald. No water rose into view in Mastiff. No vertical jetting seen in Giant. I left the area before Bijou came back on. Oblong also looked like there were fewer microbes in the overflow channels.

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