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Entrant:Tom C.
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Note:No eruption yet. Looked about the same as Tues. With, possibly, one notable exception. In my very subjective opinion, sometime before 1530 silica started to rapidly accrete in the runoff channel, turning it a slightly greyish white. By ~1800, it was white all the way to the top of 'bottom rock', with some faint zebra striping in the first 6' or so of the delta. The breakout springs just S. of Vixen also seemed to be much more silica-laden as well. With the one closest to the boardwalk being a gorgeous opalescent blue. This may imply an influx of hotter silica saturated waters. Or not. IIRC, this phenomenon [whitening of the r-o channel] was first observed following last year's disturbance. Either just before or during the 7/6 major. Trough substantially dredged, but runoff flow has changed quite a bit from last Fall. 'Amphitheater' on right side of trough still pretty full. Still about 4" of gravel covering area between trough and bridge. Edit:@Tara I definitely had that note in mind. As well as Udo's 7/6/18 entry "What's different with this from the others I've seen is this runoff was milky, not muddy..." and Bill's 7/7/18 note "There is a steady flow of milky water in both runoff channels at the bridge..." Neither of these actually talks about the color of the r-o channel itself, just the r-o. And I wasn't there on those dates. So I probably conflated all three. Who's to say what I was thinking, really? My apologies for any confusion this may have caused. But I think my pseudoscience supposition still stands.

Edited for clarification: 7/6 eruption described as having milky water and leaving yellow deposits in the runoff channel. Bill Beverly makes this comment in a note dated 7/21/2018: "Runoff channel appears to be back to original color prior to it turning white approx 9-10 hours before last night's eruption." Bruce Jensen also comments on 7/31/18, midway through the August 4 interval: "Channel coated with white glaze over last two days but water only slightly milky in color." All were during the 2018 disturbance behavior.
Entrant: Tara
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You can observe a lot by just watching. Yogi Berra
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