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Date/Time From:2014-07-11 @ 0000
Date/Time To:2014-07-11 @ 2359
Time Entered:2014-07-24 13:58:00
Time Updated:2014-08-18 21:44:39
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Note:I observed a vent at or near the Africa site on July 11, 2014.  This may not be new; runoff from above may have changed making it more noticeable.  Currently Pinto's milky blue water flows into it making it stand out.  Between Pinto eruptions you can see the crater, reddish edges, and sometimes slight convection.  I have sent photos from all angles to TSB and will get Rocco to look at it. For now, it's worth watching. If Africa did indeed clear out its vent, or if it is something new, either way it is intriguing. If it is a geyser, it may have more of a chance or at least be more interesting to observe if or when Pinto stops erupting and flooding the crater. 
Edited 8/18/2014: Photos sent to Scott earlier, and Rocco saw it today in person. Both concur this is very near, or the location of Africa.  

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