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Date/Time From:2019-05-04 @ 1537
Date/Time To:2019-05-04 @ 1830
Observer:Carol Beverly
Time Entered:2019-05-04 16:05:48
Time Updated:2019-05-05 09:54:04
Time Uploaded:2019-05-05 10:12:53
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Note:platform is quiet and gently steaming. No audible sounds. SV runoff channel is white and dry. NV channel has a thin trickle of water. Cistern Spring is filling. water level is about 1.5' below the rim of the inner tube and has a vigorous boil. ** Interesting "newish" this year breakout thing down at the bridge! (edited for those who didn't like the word NEW!) About 20' below the boardwalk, In the NV runoff channel, is a new steaming feature! It looks like a blow out hole! Fine debris built up in a berm around a newly excavated hole with bigger chunks of rock in it. It is the shape of a bath tub, about 3' by 6'. There is a new damp runoff channel that is black and dark gray in color and runs toward Tantalus Creek in 2 channels. Looks like the runoff channel meets up with Tantalus Creek somewhere in the grassy meadow west of Cistern Springs. Above it, north, toward the bw @ the bridge, is a fine deposit of gray mud. It has a strong odor and the steam leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth. It looks like it erupted, excavating a bathtub sized hole, produced runoff and scattered debris! I can hear a hissing/huffing sound. Steam is coming from a side vent and from a depression within the blowout zone. I have photos!

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