Note 11924

Date/Time From:2019-06-22 @ 0800
Date/Time To:2019-06-22 @ 1930
Time Entered:2019-06-23 08:45:34
Time Uploaded:2019-06-23 08:45:35
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for iOS
Note:No WOO minors. Constant runoff from SV including some 5s, though at other times barely a trickle, best overflow was at 0836. Occasional vertical from NV, one good vertical push during a SV solo. Theme of the day: just when things looked like they were going to get interesting, it died.

There were 2 "series" of minors at about 1500 & 1800 that were not real strong. South Vent started to become more active at about 1800.
Entrant: Polly
Time Entered:2019-07-09 10:07:34
Time Uploaded:2019-07-09 10:07:34
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