Note 12505

Date/Time:2019-07-16 @ 1039
Entrant:Janet Jones
Time Entered:2019-07-17 15:23:25
Time Updated:2019-07-17 15:29:21
Time Uploaded:2019-07-17 15:29:21
Note:Watched Hillside for 5 min or so and there are regular tiny blips happening - 1" splashes from rising bubbles. Nothing huge, but I haven't seen this in the 15 years of observations so thought it worth at least a note.

Fairly certain this should be logged as 'Hillside-West Thumb' rather than this Hillside (which is in UGB), based on your Abyss note.
Entrant: JarnoO
Time Entered:2019-07-17 17:56:26
Time Uploaded:2019-07-17 17:56:26
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