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Date/Time From:2019-07-31 @ 0730
Date/Time To:2019-07-31 @ 0816
Time Entered:2019-07-31 07:38:35
Time Updated:2019-07-31 10:18:33
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Note:24 Hours in SB is still ie! NV jetting steam water mix to 25' and huffing vigorously. SV jetting water steam mix 5- 10'. Constant flow of water down SV runoff channel and a trickle down NV channel. Cistern Spring pool has no visable water in it. no water, steam or sounds! (surprising with how cold and foggy the basin is this morning) ** @ 1000 SB is still aggressively and rhythmically huffing steam from both vents. Occationally NV has a 5' thin stream of water in the steam. SV runoff channel has a mild but constant flow into the trough. It is slowing down.

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