Note 12912

Geyser:Event Non-Geyser Related
Date/Time From:2019-07-30 @ 2100
Date/Time To:2019-07-30 @ 2230
Observer:Bill, Carol, and anyone in the Norris area
Time Entered:2019-08-01 09:47:05
Time Updated:2019-08-01 09:47:36
Time Uploaded:2019-08-01 09:47:38
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:At ~2110, while lying in bed looking at pictures of today's eruption of Steamboat, a severe thunderstorm produced continuous, nonstop lightning and thunder. This was followed at ~2130 by a torrential hail storm with dime sized marbles that completly turned the ground white within a minute. This strong downpour of hail continued for at least 15 minutes, without letting up, before turning to lighter rain. Strongest storm we have experienced in 18 years of coming to the park. I was afraid the hail stones were going to break the plastic vent covers on the trailer, or puncture the roof. Lightning continued to light up the sky for another 30 min or so.

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