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Date/Time:2019-08-03 @ 0825
Time Entered:2019-08-03 08:32:55
Time Updated:2019-08-03 13:09:01
Time Uploaded:2019-08-03 13:50:06
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Note:Root pool water level is at the channel and is on the rise. Tantalus pool is high and very steamy. Low level bubblers, 1 - 2", in the same areas of the pool as previous days. ** @ 1300 Root pool structure changed at some point between this mornings observation and 1300. A large clump of soil and debris sluffed off the north pool channel, clogging the channel and changing how the 2 pools exchange water. @1300 Tantalus is one large pool with 1 large boil in the center. water level is high. color is similar to dark chocolate.

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