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Geyser:Beehive's Indicator
Date/Time From:2019-08-09 @ 1408
Date/Time To:2019-08-09 @ 1419
Time Entered:2019-08-09 22:03:53
Time Uploaded:2019-08-09 22:03:55
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for iOS
Note:Pattern changed a little today. S. Bubbler dropped from 20m intervals directly into the 12 minute “hot period” mode, without an intermediate step down of around 15-16 minutes. As we’ve been seeing, the whole BH platform gets water at that point. WB, SB, CCI, BHI all show increased water, and we get notable splashing and rumbling from the cone. The other change was with BHI. For the first time I have seen, we got “waves” on Indy, then we saw the water drop Significantly for about 30s before it returned to waves. From there we saw the same progression we have been getting to a fairly large flow of water down the hill before Indy eventually erupts

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