Note 13230

Date/Time From:2019-08-13 @ 0843
Date/Time To:2019-08-13 @ 0920
Entrant:Ben VL
Observer:Ben VL, Max
Time Entered:2019-08-13 18:10:54
Time Uploaded:2019-08-14 10:08:47
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for iOS
Note:In secondary water phase. NV jetting 60' - 100' steady, with some bursting mixed in. SV 20' - 70', obscured by steam sometimes. More like 60' NV and 20' - 30' SV by end of observation. Moderate runoff in the main channel, and a trickle down the North Vent channel. Cistern about 2' below overflow, just above the top of the inner neck.

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