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Date/Time From:2019-08-26 @ 0830
Date/Time To:2019-08-26 @ 1825
Time Entered:2019-08-26 18:50:56
Time Updated:2019-08-26 18:52:42
Time Uploaded:2019-08-26 19:20:15
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Note:Spent most of My day at the steerage. Mostly angled south and north. There was also only one occasion where what I would call a 4 on the runoff scale occurred and that was at around 1230 when there was one of the only true NSSV large minors that made me stand up. Most runoff was at most a 3 and and most of the time a 1-2. It seemed like south would have sustained angled minors to about 20’ without north. And sometimes north would have a large vertical spike but would not sustain. This seemed like the activity in the morning. Most of these sustained angled south produced 2-3 runoff. There was one event at 1230 ish that produced the above observation. It then wasn’t interesting for the afternoon until later on around 1630-1730 north finally got some bounce, verticality, and size and south vent was not sustaining or putting out much water at all. This activity culminated in 2 large but still kinda eh minors with no follow up and imo was the most interesting thing all day. Seemed like it went into a lull after that. Left at 1830. Never seemed enthusiastic about initiating a major eruption when I was there. Hopefully tomorrow.

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