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Date/Time From:2019-08-27 @ 0530
Date/Time To:2019-08-27 @ 1047
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Note:Arrived at about 530 in the morning to the platform. Didn’t pay attention for the first two hours or so of the sit as I was running around from the steerage to around the basin trying to warm my cold wet feet. But then I grabbed my book and was sitting at the base of the steerage for the rest of the time until the start of the major. Runoff from that vantage point did not seem any different than the previous day. Seemed like there was some good runoff overnight based on wet channels but nothing seen in the morning that seemed to match this runoff. It wasn’t until about 1037 or so when the minors and runoff started significantly increasing. The runoff stayed at at least a 2.5+ to 4 the whole time until the start of the major. Even when the vents were quiet the runoff dId not cease. This of course built with the size and verticality of the minors that eventually initiated the start of the major at 1047. Start was an amazingly tall and rumbling start from the steerage. Absolutely awesome. Looking forward for a shot for the Labor Day crowd this weekend or perhaps Monday or Tuesday. GO STEAMBOAT!

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