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Date/Time From:2019-09-01 @ 0750
Date/Time To:2019-09-01 @ 1030
Time Entered:2019-09-01 08:08:14
Time Updated:2019-09-01 11:04:21
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Note:4D 21H post eruptive. According to early morning gazers SB has had a few babbling brooks and 1 minor that had some vertical. Steamy this morning so its hard to view the vents play. Good runoff and nice percussive grumbling. @ steerage the stick is 12" exposed and it looks like there has been minors that put water over to the left side of the bridge that went under the bridge and extended out 3' past the bridge. Trough is still collecting debris down the runoff channel. Run off on the Micah scale was 2.5 during this observation period. Cistern Spring pool is high with good overflow and a 2 point boil.

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