Note 14171

Geyser:Event Non-Geyser Related
Date/Time From:2020-04-12 @ 0329
Date/Time To:2020-04-12 @ 0348
Observer:Betty on webcam
Time Entered:2020-04-12 03:51:23
Time Updated:2020-04-12 14:07:50
Time Uploaded:2020-04-12 14:07:51
Note:A huge steamcloud became visible above the treeline a bit to the left of the Lion Group. I have no idea about the source, but maybe something in Midway Geyser basin or Fountain Area erupting. I´ve never seen anything that huge from that area before. Addition: After watching the overnight capture it seemed to be the usual steam from Midway Geyser Basin in a cold night. Just the wind direction and moonlight made it appear that big.

Steam cloud was from Midway area.
Entrant: DaveM
Time Entered:2020-04-12 09:34:55
Time Uploaded:2020-04-12 09:34:55
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