Note 14493

Date/Time From:2020-06-01 @ 1855
Date/Time To:2020-06-01 @ 1932
Observer:Lori S
Time Entered:2020-06-02 13:57:55
Time Updated:2020-06-02 14:02:22
Time Uploaded:2020-06-02 14:02:22
Note:Ledge in an extremely loud steam phase during this time and had not ended when I left. A park visitor reported it had also been roaring during her hour long walk before I arrived. She reports getting spritzed (my word) but saw no water eruption. I also got spritzed (soaked, really) when I got next to it about 1923. Walkway soaked. Trees across from walk coated in gray as was the Fumaroles info sign. Catch basin full and trickling into Jetsam which was also full. Main roar was from (what used to be a) red vent.

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