Note 15148

Date/Time From:2020-08-02 @ 0949
Date/Time To:2020-08-02 @ 1000
Time Entered:2020-08-02 10:32:35
Time Uploaded:2020-08-02 10:32:35
Note:(wc) Observed several boiling episodes during this timeframe. 0949 ie southeast rim 1-2 feet; 0950 suspect southeast rim; 0952 10s southeast rim 1-2 feet; 0954 early suspect southeast rim; 0954:48 24s southeast rim up to 2 feet; 0958:12 50s north rim vigorous up to 2 feet, perhaps lucky 3; 0959:42 27s southeastern quadrant (perhaps eastern half) vigorous up to 2 feet, perhaps optimistic 3; mid-1000 suspect north or southeast rim before cam panned away.

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