Note 1556

Date/Time From:2015-05-02 @ 1030
Date/Time To:2015-05-02 @ 1930
Observer:MA and Jim H
Time Entered:2015-05-02 22:40:53
Time Uploaded:2015-05-02 22:40:53
Note:Observed Ledge from 1030-1340, lots of good water in Black Growler, White vent and even a few splashes from Red vent. Things suddenly ceased activity, we left and returned to observe 1745-1930. Palm/pressure pool was fuller, receiving water from White Vent and Black Growler. White vent had sustained water almost every minute. Red vent had many exciting splashes as well. Palm/pressure pool also filled to overflow which raised Jetsam level. I have pages of detailed notes, which we can correlate to behavior about "this" eruption, if Lori S sees one tonight. Learning more each visit.

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