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Date/Time From:2020-09-18 @ 1850
Date/Time To:2020-09-18 @ 2035
Time Entered:2020-09-18 21:21:43
Time Uploaded:2020-09-18 21:21:49
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Note:No significant boils or rim boiling during observation. Runoff channel down the NE shoulder is wet but not trickling or pooling. Vault is at typical level with bubbles in the back of the pool. Infant is high with muddy brown water which seems to clearing with muddy splotches in the back half of the pool.

Water level in Giantess is also at the normal/low point it was at on my previous observation.
Entrant: Ben VL
Time Entered:2020-09-18 21:34:27
Time Uploaded:2020-09-18 21:34:52
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