Note 16233

Date/Time:2020-09-22 @ 1545
Time Entered:2020-09-22 15:50:59
Time Updated:2020-09-22 15:56:09
Time Uploaded:2020-09-22 15:56:09
Note:(wc) No change in status quo, although observed boiling today seemed a little more vigorous than yesterday. Had some good boiling episodes between ±1100 to ±1200 (including a strong one covering the NE quadrant which later split into two - N and NE) and hotter than usual from 1503-onw. Over the past few days it has become apparant to me that boiling episodes happen almost exclusively when the pool is emitting more steam than usual for ambient temperatures. In this "hot" phase, it appears the pool rises to a higher-than-usual water level, causing a noticeable increase in steam at the SE runoff area. Runoff also becomes noticeably darker as this hot phase continues; this becomes apparant about 30 to 40 minutes after the start. Boiling also happens frequently, but it seems to be only of visible size (or only happen) when there's little or no wind. Some of these hot phases feature a thin, white ring around the pool, while others don't (likely the stronger hot phases). No idea on how long these hot phases last, but could easily be well over an hour or more. In the "cold" phase, it appears the pool emits steam as usual for ambient temperatures and there appears to be little or no boiling. The pool also appears low, with an easily visible, ±continuous, white ring around the pool. As for when Giantess transitions to a hot phase - I am not sure. The 1503 hot phase started with a weak, but visible, N rim boiling episode, so visible boiling while the pool is low may be an indicator for that.

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