Note 16414

Date/Time From:2020-10-12 @ 0759
Date/Time To:2020-10-12 @ 0820
Time Entered:2020-10-12 07:59:47
Time Updated:2020-10-12 08:42:51
Time Uploaded:2020-10-12 08:42:57
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:6D, 11 hrs PE: Another welcoming minor as l walked up at 0759. 0806 very nice CNVSVSHr. Russell reported nice concerted minors in the hour before l arrived. Cistern lower than 24 hours ago. Trough has accumulated a little more gravel. light, sporadic runoff at bridge. Yak-Tac conditions on boardwalk with another inch of snow last night. 0819 SB favorite trick, big concerted minor as l say l am leaving for last day of work.

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