Note 16487

Date/Time From:2020-10-30 @ 0418
Date/Time To:2020-10-30 @ 0506
Observer:YVO Echinus Logger
Time Entered:2020-10-30 09:52:07
Time Updated:2020-10-30 09:58:14
Time Uploaded:2020-10-30 09:58:13
Note:[EDIT: Forgot to compensate for DST] Three "slow spikes" on the logger in this timespan. The first started @ 0418:08 and only peaked @ 0426:08 (45.1°C) after staying at above average temperatures (±34.8°C in the hour preceding) those 8 minutes. Dropped in 3 data points to 26.4°C @ 0430:08. Second spike started @ 0432:08 (28.7°C) and reached peak @ 0444:08 (48.7°C). Drop in 4 data points to 17.6°C @ 0452:08. Third and final spike started @ 0454:08, with temperature rising immediately to 35.7°C and reaching peak @ 0458:08 (49.6°C). Drop in 4 data points to 18.4°C @ 0506:08. Temperature fluctuations before these set of spikes were abnormally high the previous 3¼ days (8½ days if the intermezzo of about 24 hours on the 25th is also counted), with less than usual fluctuations in the ±18 hours immediately before the spikes.

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No flags for this note. Drive folder with 24h and 7d (intermezzo annotated) graph. Also raw data is provided. Note that all times are in MST.Entrant: JarnoO
Time Entered:2020-10-30 10:04:22
Time Uploaded:2020-10-30 10:04:22