Note 16507

Date/Time From:2020-11-10 @ 1818
Date/Time To:2020-11-10 @ 1906
Observer:YVO Echinus Logger
Time Entered:2020-11-11 15:28:21
Time Updated:2020-11-11 15:35:58
Time Uploaded:2020-11-11 15:36:00
Note:Two spikes recorded by the logger. First one starting @ 1818:10, peaking at 48.7°C @ 1824:10. Dropped in 6 data points (12 minutes) to 10.4°C. Second spike started @ 1838:10 and peaked at 54.5°C @ 1846:10. Dropped in 7 data points (14 minutes) to 19.8°C, though it rose 1.6°C at the 12 minute mark before it dropped again to the aforementioned temperature. Temperature fluctuations have been above average for several days, before narrowing in the afternoon. Same thing happened with previous spikes observed.

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No flags for this note. Drive folder with 24h and 7d graph showing the spikes. Also raw data is provided for 1700 to 2000. Note that all times are in MST.Entrant: JarnoO
Time Entered:2020-11-11 15:34:50
Time Uploaded:2020-11-11 15:34:50