Note 16785

Date/Time From:2020-12-17 @ 1013
Date/Time To:2020-12-17 @ 1239
Observer:YVO Echinus Logger
Time Entered:2020-12-18 14:18:24
Time Updated:2020-12-18 20:14:16
Time Uploaded:2020-12-18 20:14:17
Note:After two eruptions (2020-12-16 2149:08 E and 2020-12-17 0709:08 E), Echinus spiked again, this time only to up to 53.0°C. Spike started @ 1013:08 when temperature rose to 45.5°C, sustained above 50°C for three data points (6 minutes, 50.7°C, 53.0°C and 52.6°C, respectively), after which the temperature dropped quickly to below 30°C (1031:08 first datapoint) and then slowly to its minimum of 11.6°C @ 1213:08. Recovery appeared to be slow, with it still not having reached a stable average 26 minutes later, at which point the data ends. [Update] Temperature reached stability @ 1256:46. Another "mini spike" occurred @ 1300:46, when temperature rose to 31.4°C and reached its peak @ 1316:46 (34.2°C). Drop was, consequently, small, only to 28.5°C and had recovered two data points later (4 minutes).

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Time Entered:2020-12-18 14:26:52
Time Updated:2020-12-18 16:56:28
Time Uploaded:2020-12-18 16:56:28