Note 16786

Date/Time From:2020-12-17 @ 2322
Date/Time To:2020-12-18 @ 0348
Observer:YVO Echinus Logger
Time Entered:2020-12-18 16:38:56
Time Updated:2020-12-18 17:06:58
Time Uploaded:2020-12-18 17:06:58
Note:Another spike today (#2 post-eruptions). This one started @ 2322:46, when temperature rose 1.5°C to 34.0°C. Peak of 45.2°C was reached @ 2328:46, followed by a drop which reached its minimum @ 0206:46 at 10.5°C. Along with the remarkably long drop following the spike, recovery (time between drop minimum and first ≥30.0°C data point) to average temperature took longer than usual, taking until 0348:46 before the first ≥30.0°C temperature was recorded. The past months recovery from similar spikes (except for the first one in October) took only minutes, yet this one needed the better part of 2 hours to do so. Also noteworthy is that this is the first spike this "active phase" (≤October 2020 - onw.) to occur in a period _after_ spikes (in this case, eruptions) are expected to occur, where Echinus tends to have less-than-usual temperature fluctuations - i.e. the temperature hangs around its average of ±30°C for several days - before it widens up again for the next round of spikes.

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