Note 16789

Date/Time:2020-12-24 @ 1200
Observer:YVO Echinus Logger
Time Entered:2020-12-24 14:27:09
Time Updated:2020-12-24 14:28:25
Time Uploaded:2020-12-24 14:28:26
Note:Very, very low temperature fluctuations the past few days. During the regular, 12½-day cycle, large fluctuations (±10°C from average) would have been occurring by now, yet the fuctuations have only become smaller and smaller barring about 2 hours just after noon December 22. I don't think this is temperature-related - large fluctuations have happened regardless of temperature. Rather, it could be the temperature sensor got dislodged with the second eruption this year or a change in activity. The latter appears to be more likely as Echinus had small fluctuations recorded between September and October 2019; furthermore, the event after #2 this year did not result in a long "valley", while the second event did even though its maximum temperature was lower than that of the first event. See Echinus' notes on December 17 for those spikes.

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